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What if I could use answers to an online form to build the image of a person onscreen? In "Branding," a reader fills out a form by selecting one of four options per category: hair, eyes, mouth, skin, and mind. But the visual results do not match their selections.

The poem is a look at how humans can use labels to constrict people. An understanding of context and complexity is important to view a whole person.

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Digital Form: Interactive

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More than plain text on a screen, digital poetry is a performance and an engagement with a reader/user through text, images, videos, audio, animation, and/or game-like structures. As our technology has advanced, so has this genre evolved, now including a spectrum of sub-genres like multimedia and interactive poetry.

To explore the capabilities and value of digital poetry, I created six digital poems that capture part of the spectrum. Two I adapted from poems I’ve written previously. Two I wrote and designed for the screen simultaneously. Then I reflected on the process for both, considering how the experience might have any ramifications on my traditional writing process and more ways to integrate an art form like poetry with other disciplines.

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