My Daughter's a Child digital poem

My Daughter's a Child

Marriage Feint digital poem

Marriage Feint

Through the Lens digital poem

Through the Lens

Branding digital poem


Tugging on Untied Strings digital poem coming soon

Tugging on Untied Strings

River Rhythm digital poem coming soon

River Rhythm

About Digital Poetry

Instead of plain text viewed on a page or a screen, an author creates a digital poem by making use of more extensive computer capabilities. They might include images, videos, audio, animation, and game-like structures.

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My main process for revising, designing, and coding each poem was the same, but each required an extra bit of code or a different software program to complete.

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Two poems I adapted. Two new poems I created. Two I did not have adequate time to complete. But I could answer the majority of my research questions.

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More than plain text on a screen, digital poetry is a performance and an engagement with a reader/user through text, images, videos, audio, animation, and/or game-like structures. As our technology has advanced, so has this genre evolved, now including a spectrum of sub-genres like multimedia and interactive poetry.

To explore the capabilities and value of digital poetry, I attempted to create six digital poems that capture part of the spectrum. Four I adapted from poems I’ve written previously. Two I wrote and designed for the screen at the same time. Then I reflected on the process for both, considering how the experience might have any ramifications on my traditional writing process and more ways to integrate an art form like poetry with other disciplines.

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